News from the PTA 5/28/20

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 5:03pm

Clothing Bin:

We wanted you to know that the Clothing Bin is still accessible during the school closure. Please feel free to donate any items to our Clothing Bin in our school parking lot. This is a fundraiser and supports our PTA! Last month, we earned First Place because we had the most weight in our bin out of all of the HCPSS clothing bins!!!


Virtual PLES PTA 5K

We are happy to announce that the Phelps Luck 5k is going virtual! In an effort to promote and celebrate a healthy lifestyle in our community we invite you and your family to participate in this fun event. The goal will be to walk, run or skip a 5k or more by June 3rd!


Participants will be able to record and submit activities via a smartphone app and even be able to virtually cheer on other participants.


Students who complete the challenge will have the opportunity to have a finishers certificate and medal mailed to their home. A few gift card prizes will also be raffled off to finishers. This is a low key event and not a race, but we encourage participants to move as much as possible at any pace. Everyone is encouraged to participate!

Sign up here and further directions will be emailed to you.. Send questions to