Please Complete Your Family File:

Wed, 09/14/2016 - 12:57pm

Please go online to and update your child's emergency contact information in your Family File as soon as possible. This is the way we will reach you for all your needs, such as teacher phone calls, emails and emergency communication. Parents/ guardians must complete or update a Family File for each child each school year. Parents who do not have, or may have forgotten their log in credentials can use the help link in the HCPSS Connect page.

The Family File is organized into separate pages. You must verify and/or enter information on each page. The pages are:


Students: Update your child's address and contact information

Parent/Guardian Information: Information for the child's parents or guardians

Emergency Contacts: Your child's authorized contacts in case of an emergency

Medical: Your child's health information

Arrival/Departure: Instructions for your child's method of transportation for arrival and departure

Media: Permission to use your child's photo in print, TV, radio, online and/ or via social media

Data Confidentiality: Permission to release your child's information to various organizations

PTA Directory: Restrict parent/guardian and student information included in the Parent Teacher Association Directory.


Please feel free to call the front office at (410) 313-6886 with questions. Please help us to meet our deadline of Friday September 16, 2016. Please help us to ensure that we have all necessary contact information and permissions for your child as we enter the fourth week of school!